Arli & me

I have always been a cat person, not saying I didn’t like dogs,

I grew up with dogs, our family dog was a German Short Haired pointer. His name was Sam, beautiful dog many a day spent playing outside with him. In those days we had yards to play in and dogs slept outside in their kennels while the cats got to sleep inside, most likely on the bed.

So when I left home, I had cats, loved my cats. But when I had kids and they grew up and my last cat passed away there was a long time that we didn’t have any pets.

But it just so happened that one day this curly, crazy, bundle of energy appeared in my hallway, an escapee. The cutest, softest and cuddliest thing I had ever met. Adorable, so we found his owner and took him home.

Then he came back, quite a few times he came back and soon I didn’t want to give him back. I needed my own, I didn’t even know what breed he was all I new is I had to get me one of these.

I found him on gumtree at a time when dogs were premium prices, people were offering double the amount he was advertised at, but somehow he was meant to be. We even shared the same name.  People call me Ali and he was named after Mohammed Ali.

He was 8 months old and needed a new home, he was loved but he didn’t quite fit in - so he came home with me.

Best thing ever, I didn’t know I needed a dog until I met the run away.

So now I call Arli my KatDog - I get the best of both worlds - his soft silky coat feels like a cat, he is cuddly and affectionate, sleeps in my bed and never leaves my side.   

We play outside everyday, at the beach or in the park and nothing else matters except for Arli and me.